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PayDayHawaii is 100% Locally Owned and Operated. Our local staff is dedicated to offering service that is fast, friendly and easy. Surveys show that more people have lost confidence in their bank in recent years. If you're one of them, we have all the financial services you need in one place without those surprise fees. And we comply with industry best practices and the code conduct for fee based financial services.


Signing Up for Microcredit online is easy as 1-2-3!

If you are caught short between paydays or have an unexpected expense, MicroCredit is a good alternative to a traditional loan. Sometimes a short-term cash advance is all you need to solve an immediate problem. PayDayHawaii's higher MicroCredit amounts (up to $510) can even help with those big emergencies!

Note: PayDayHawaii's Micro-Credit Advance is only available to residents of the State of Hawaii.

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What if you could find a way to add extra income by working a few hours a week on an ongoing basis? People all around you are starting their own small—sometimes very small—businesses without quitting their job. PayDayHawaii offers free monthly emails showing how you can, too! We give you business ideas, show you how to market products and services, practical business advice and more.

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