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Now You Can Send Money Anywhere in Minutes

Do you need a way to send money–to the mainland, abroad, or just to another island–easily, quickly, securely, and cheaply? Then money transfers are just right for you.

Money transfers, through transfer agents or money transmitters, are now regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal government watchdog agency. Transfer agents must meet security requirements, so your money transfer and banking, credit card, or debit card information is safe and secure. Transfer agents will have to make all costs, exchange rates, and timing clear to the consumer, and issue a receipt when the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules go in to effect later this year. They are held responsible for most errors made by them, and can be subject to investigation if necessary.

In short, a money transfer is now regulated and is safe, quick, and easy to do:

  • It’s convenient: PayDayHawaii is now a wire transfer agent for MoneyGram© Payment Systems, Inc. Now you can send money online from with MoneyGram©, in addition to visiting one of our convenient PayDayHawaii locations. Online services are available 24 hours a day.
  • It’s global: Send money to almost anywhere in the world: Japan,Tonga, the Philippines, Europe, South America, or even simply here in Hawaii. Depending on the country, you can send money directly to a bank account, a credit or debit card, a mobile phone, or have it ready for payout at the agent or bank of your choice.
  • It’s fast: Your money can travel the globe in just minutes. With PayDayHawaii’s Same Day Service (online only), you can use your credit or debit card online and funds will typically arrive at their destination in minutes. Prefer using cash? Stop in to one of our locations for same day service, and send money in a snap.
  • It’s flexible: Choose where, when, for how much, and how fast you want to transfer money. It’s up to you!
  • It’s inexpensive: PayDayHawaii’s money transfer fees are competitive. In addition to our Same Day Service, We also offer a popular Economy Service (online only): Send your money transfer using your bank account online, and your funds will typically arrive in three business days. And, if you are sending a MoneyGram© to the U.S. mainland, or other locations within North and South America, your transaction includes a free phone call. You’ll be able to tell your recipient just when and where the funds are available.
  • It’s useful: Use money transfers for many different reasons: Send money to family or friends; remember special occasions and holidays; pay legal fees; put money on inmate accounts; use for business and real estate transactions; or when you just need to get it there fast.

If you need help with the details, or more explanation on how money transfers work, just stop by one of our locations, and our dedicated staff will help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

Here are some useful links providing more detailed information on money transfers and money transmitters:

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