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Savings One Step at a Time

Congratulations to Anuhea, tied for second-place winner in our Savings Blog Contest! Anuhea, from our store at Waipouli Plaza, continues our series of real-life advice about the importance of saving:

Are you spending too much? Have you ever wondered what you could be doing now, if only you had started saving? Or have you ever wondered what good things could come into your life if only you set aside a few extra dollars?

Many of us today live our lives paycheck to paycheck, and after all of our bills are paid for all that we have left is JUST a few extra dollars. But how many of you actually take that few extra dollars and put it aside? How many of you just spend all of your money, all the way down to that last penny, on something that you want and not something that you actually need?

For today, let us just think about our needs and not our wants, as this will be our guide to a better and a brighter future. Let us take that few extra dollars, and let us take that first step to start a new year of SAVING! Did you know that as little as $1.00 can make a big difference? Especially when that $1.00 can turn into $10.00, or $100.00, or even $1,000.00. Just think of the different possibilities that a year’s worth of savings can provide for you and your family. After all, those dreams that you’ve had of wanting to take a vacation with your family could finally become a reality. Remember, it is never too late when it comes to saving! Even if you save just $1.00 or even one penny–you never know what that penny could turn into.

Take me for example. I was once this little girl who always wanted everything, and yet I was too naïve to realize the value of things. I didn’t know that to be able to get what you want you need to save. I didn’t know that to get the best in life you need save, and put your last dollar aside for that rainy day.

All I wanted to do was to grow up as fast as I could–so that I could get the “best” job, be able to drive the “nicest” car, and live in that beautiful house with that white picket fence. As I grew up I forgot all about saving. Yet I still found myself wanting all of these things. At first everything seemed great. I had a good job, I was able to start saving, I got my own car, and even lived in my own home. But then I got comfortable with how I was living, and forgot all about saving.

Now as I take a step back into reality, I find myself starting my life all over again–back to the beginning. With one step at a time I am trying my best to start saving. Even if I have to save that last dollar, I will, just so that I can once again fulfill my dreams and, hopefully, soon make my dreams a reality! So once again I will say this to you: It is never too late to start saving, because your future is just a dollar away!

Thank you Anuhea!

Do you have questions about your savings plan options? Just stop by any PayDayHawaii location for more information about what’s available.

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