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This Summer, Have Fun Teaching Your Kids About Money

Teaching your children about money is an important job for parents, but not always necessarily a fun one. However, this is a lesson that will last for your children’s lifetimes, and even affect your children’s children, so it’s important to get started.

But, it’s summer! There are plenty of ways to make learning financial lessons fun and entertaining.

Use your library for good stories that include a financial lesson.
Read them aloud to your children, or let them explore the books individually.

Draw on familiar characters from television and games:

Don’t forget board games:
Board games are enjoying a resurgence in popularity; don’t be afraid your kids will think you are hopelessly old-fashioned!

  • Pull out old favorites like: Monopoly, Life, Payday.
  • Newer games include: The Allowance Game, Millionaire Maker, Puerto Rico, The Farming Game, Wise Money, and Awesome Island.

Go online for inspiration, activities, and more games:

Put it into practice:

  • Start your child on an allowance: Have discussions about how much your child can buy with their allowance, and the value of their purchase. Now is a good time to begin working on the concept of saving, and also allocating or budgeting. Try establishing an allowance just for the summer, or for the family vacation. Your children can be in charge of their own money for a short, experimental period of time, and you’ll have more of chance to help them with their decisions.
  • Have your child be in charge of checking the change you receive back from purchases.
  • Explain some of your purchase decisions, and what your financial priorities are—as an individual, and for the family.
  • If your child is older, go with them to the bank and help them open a savings account, and then show them how to make deposits into it.
  • A prepaid debit card is another way to get your children used to handling their own money. Give your child a prepaid card for a modest amount, and give them a time limit for which that money has to last (for the month, for the summer, for vacation, or through the rest of the year). This is a good tool for learning how to budget and make purchasing decisions. Review your child’s progress and help them through any rough spots. At PayDayHawaii you can get a prepaid debit card for any amount.

As your child grows up, you can start teaching him more complex issues about money, and how he can handle it—especially if he is making his own money. Make a good start this summer!

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