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Together, We Can Fight Fraud

Our partner for money transfers, Western Union, offers a series about protecting yourself from fraud, and it offers excellent advice. We’ll be sharing their wisdom each month—and here’s the first in the series.

You are our partner. While Western Union works hard to help prevent fraud, we believe that fraud prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Your best defense is to be aware, educate yourself and use good judgment.

Don’t fall victim: Learn how to spot the warning signs of a scam or scammer before it’s too late.

General Warning Signs

  • Scammers have many excuses why they can’t meet you in person. They list numerous reasons why they need money and always seem to be in trouble.
  • Scammers claim they have been in an accident, are in the hospital and their medical bills have to be paid in full before they can leave.
  • Scammers will tell you to send the money in the name of a friend or family member to verify you have funds or to act as an escrow until you receive the purchased goods or services.
  • Scammers need money because they were mugged and their money, passport, and ID were stolen while traveling.
  • Scammers continue to ask for money for a plane ticket to see you, or to “float” them until payday.
  • Scammers claim they’ve been in an accident or have a sudden family tragedy right before boarding a plane to meet you, or are held up in Customs and needs money for their release.

We’ll publish more in Western Union’s fraud prevention series next month, but if you can’t wait, you can read more online here.

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