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Wise Holiday Shopping

Get control of your holiday spending now and you won’t faint when you open your first credit card bill in January! Wise holiday shopping tactics: Set a total budget for holiday spending. Estimate how much you can afford to spend, … Continue reading

Posted in Smart Shopping and Budgeting

Building and Managing Your Credit

Last month we talked about how to borrow wisely. There’s a step that comes before borrowing, and that’s building your credit so that companies will loan to you. Your credit worthiness is based on your credit score. How do you … Continue reading

Posted in Selecting and Using Credit

How to Borrow Wisely

There are many excellent reasons to borrow money: for an emergency, to purchase a car or house, for education, or just to tide you over for a bit. But remember that credit costs money. Before you take out that loan, … Continue reading

Posted in Financial Education, Selecting and Using Credit

Waipahu Payday Loans

Do you live in Waipahu and need a cash advance? We don’t have a location here in Waipahu, but our closest office is just a few miles away in Stadium Mall Shopping Center near the Ice Palace. Not all our … Continue reading

Posted in Hawaii Neighborhoods

The Eleven Elements for Financial Health

No matter where any of us are in life, or what our income is, we each deserve to have financial health and the benefits that come from it. But what exactly does the term “financial health” mean? Personal financial health—just … Continue reading

Posted in Financial Education, Saving and Investing, Selecting and Using Credit, Smart Shopping and Budgeting, Tax Planning, Using Financial Services

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