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Time for a Financial Checkup

Mid-year is a good time for contemplation. Perhaps you’ve been on vacation, and had a chance to think. Or maybe your office or work is slower this time of year. Either way, it’s a good point in which to take … Continue reading

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Sell Your Old Cell Phone and Go Green

Do you have a new cell phone? Maybe you were gifted a new smartphone for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or your birthday. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about upgrading your phone soon? What happens to your old cell phone after you … Continue reading

Posted in Smart Shopping and Budgeting

How to Get Started Saving—It’s Easy!

When you have bills to pay, it’s hard to think about saving and setting aside a little each month for the future. But just think of the last time you had a financial emergency: An unexpected car repair, a medical … Continue reading

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Be a Responsible Borrower

We all know what it feels like to run short of funds occasionally: An unexpected expense might pop up, like a car repair, or money you expect to come in that just doesn’t—at least not in time. What do you … Continue reading

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Now You Can Send Money Anywhere in Minutes

Do you need a way to send money–to the mainland, abroad, or just to another island–easily, quickly, securely, and cheaply? Then money transfers are just right for you. Money transfers, through transfer agents or money transmitters, are now regulated by … Continue reading

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