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Wailuku Payday Loans

Wailuku Payday Loans Do you live in Wailuku and need a cash advance? We don’t have a location here in Wailuku, but our closest office is just a few miles away in Kahului at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center. Not all … Continue reading

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Time for a Financial Checkup

Mid-year is a good time for contemplation. Perhaps you’ve been on vacation, and had a chance to think. Or maybe your office or work is slower this time of year. Either way, it’s a good point in which to take … Continue reading

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Sell Your Old Cell Phone and Go Green

Do you have a new cell phone? Maybe you were gifted a new smartphone for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or your birthday. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about upgrading your phone soon? What happens to your old cell phone after you … Continue reading

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How to Get Started Saving—It’s Easy!

When you have bills to pay, it’s hard to think about saving and setting aside a little each month for the future. But just think of the last time you had a financial emergency: An unexpected car repair, a medical … Continue reading

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Be a Responsible Borrower

We all know what it feels like to run short of funds occasionally: An unexpected expense might pop up, like a car repair, or money you expect to come in that just doesn’t—at least not in time. What do you … Continue reading

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