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First Steps to Easy Tax Preparation

Make tax time easier on yourself by gradually getting started on your tax prep and getting yourself a little organized. It will take less time with your tax accountant, and might end up saving you money. And if you are … Continue reading

Posted in Tax Planning

Get Financially Ready for Next Year

The end of the year, and the holiday season, is a busy time. But it’s still a good time to think about what you need to do to get financially ready for the next year. A little time now will pay … Continue reading

Posted in Financial Education, Saving and Investing, Smart Shopping and Budgeting, Tax Planning

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

There’s less than two weeks until Christmas—do you still have shopping to do? Don’t panic! We’ve all been in that situation—including shopping on Christmas Eve. Even if you still have a full week of work ahead, you can shop for … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Stop Holiday Over-Spending

We’ve all been there: The shock of opening up the first credit card bill after Christmas. How did those expenses pile up so quickly and so high? The good news is you still have plenty of time to get control … Continue reading

Posted in Smart Shopping and Budgeting

Make Your Online Shopping Safer

Just as you use caution when you are making a purchase, or when you are handling your money out in the “real” world, the same is true when you’re shopping online. E-commerce is mostly safe, and with a little caution … Continue reading

Posted in Financial Education, Smart Shopping and Budgeting

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