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Managing Your Budget Shortfalls

In previous posts we covered the basics of setting up a budget for your expenses, and how to calculate your monthly income. But what do you do when you have an unavoidable temporary income shortfall? Of course, you could simply … Continue reading

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Protect Your Finances—While on Vacation

“What?” you’re saying—“Can’t I even relax on vacation?” Of course you can, and that’s what a few simple precautions will let you do, even if something goes wrong. Protecting your finances at home while you’re away If you have a … Continue reading

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How to “Budget” Your Income

A few weeks ago we covered the importance of setting up a budget, and how to calculate it—estimating your monthly expenses and subtracting that from your income (and making sure you don’t go in the negative!). But for some of … Continue reading

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News You Can Use

A fascinating article on the movement to banking alternatives, from Huffington Post: And the follow-up article: Note: Although the debit card fees mentioned in the article are as high as $20.00, at PayDayHawaii, our debit card fees start … Continue reading

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Manage Your Life with . . . a Budget?

Here’s a question: What is the single action you can take to have enough money to meet all your current needs? Hint: It’s not winning the lottery—although that could go a long way to meeting your future needs and wants! … Continue reading

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