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Sending Mail to Prisons and Jails

Regulations for receiving mail in and sending mail to prisons and jails differs a bit: Federal Bureau of Prisons has its own set of rules, as do state prisons, county jails, and city jails. Usually, what you see on television … Continue reading

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How to Decide on Your Tax Withholdings

When you earn income, you owe taxes: true for most of us. How much you pay in taxes is determined in part by how you fill out your W-4 form. Here’s a sample form—once you look at it, you’ll recognize it. You’ve filled … Continue reading

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Handle Your Money in Jail or Prison

Frankly, once you are in either jail or prison the only money you’ll be able to control is that which you either earn working certain in-prison jobs or that which is sent to you by your family. But let’s look … Continue reading

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Handling Small Claims Court

Each state has its own small claims court system, and its own set of rules, procedures, and regulations. Be sure to research what’s required in your own state before either appearing in small claims court, or pursuing a case in … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost to Go to Jail?

You’re right, it hardly seems fair that you have to pay for the privilege of having your freedom taken away, especially if you haven’t even been convicted yet, charged with a crime yet, haven’t had your case tried yet, or … Continue reading

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