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Filing Your Taxes Will Be Easier With These Tips

Tax time is almost here, but don’t worry—there are plenty of resources to help you find your way through the tax forms. By following our prep list, you’ll be in good shape when you meet with your tax counselor or … Continue reading

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Types of Income

Income falls into several categories–especially for the IRS. You may be asked about your various incomes if you apply for a larger loan, a credit card, and of course on your tax form. Here’s a quick round-up of the major … Continue reading

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Plan to Save Long-Term

What are “long-term” savings? Most in the financial industry consider any savings plan that is ten years or longer to be long-term, though consumers tend to think long-term is five years or more. You may be asking, why do you … Continue reading

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Set Up a Part-Time Business

In several posts we’ve mentioned the possibility of getting an additional job or taking on some freelance work. The purpose is to find a way get yourself out of a temporary time of short income or extra debt. But what … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Government Take Away Your Loans!

New rules proposed by the government would change short-term credit for everyone, making it harder—sometimes impossible—for you, the customers, to get the money you need. These new rules would apply to PayDayHawaii’s Micro-Credit Advance, payday advances, and other forms of … Continue reading

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