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Starting a Service Business

We’ve talked previously about starting your part-time business, and we’ve primarily focused on businesses that sell physical items. But an equally valuable (and sometimes easier) idea is to start a service-based business. What kind of service business could you start? … Continue reading

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Small Business: Business Terms You Should Know

Starting your own business means that there’s a whole new language and terms you should learn. First, you need this understanding in order to run your business—even a small one—well. Second, you will need to know these terms so you’ll … Continue reading

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Business Basics: What Type of Business Are You?

When you are starting your new part-time business, take a few minutes to think about what legal category your business will be. This is important for both legal and tax reasons. Don’t get scared, though! Many part-time businesses, especially those … Continue reading

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Growing Ideas for Your Small Business Side Hustle

You have the basic idea for your new small part-time business: You know your basic product selection, or services that you want to offer. You have your business requirements set up, and you may have even started selling your products … Continue reading

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Last Minute Gifts: Give a Brighter Future for the Holidays

Still have holiday gifts to buy? Make this holiday an inspiring one: give a gift that helps provide a positive future for your loved one. Here are some clever gift ideas that will show your love and support, and help … Continue reading

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