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JAILTALK service SUSPENDED June 16, 2017 to correct technical problems. We anticipated being down for up to three months. PLEASE CALL 808.487.7292 for more information.

With JailTalk™ you can receive calls from jail or prison on your cell phone!

JailTalk™ makes receiving calls from an inmate as easy as 1-2-3.

Start now, and start receiving calls the same day.

  • No credit required.
  • No facility check required.
  • Easy account sign up.

Correctional facilities take longer to catch up with modern technology. Jails and prisons typically require all outgoing inmate calls to be collect calls, and cellular phones cannot receive collect calls. Even prisons that allow an inmate to use money in his inmate account to be used for phone calls will not generally approve cell phone numbers.

The rates charged by prisons and telephone companies are outrageously expensive. As well, telephone companies will simply not allow customers with poor credit to accept collect calls. With JailTalk™, calls that would normally be long distance are now less expensive. And PayDayHawaii makes it easy for you to manage your spending and to make payments.

Using JailTalk™, you can simply give your JailTalk Number (JTN) to your inmate, and they'll be able to call you direct, through the collect-call system.

How simple? It only takes minutes to start:

  • Set up your pre-paid JailTalk Account at PayDayHawaii's convenient locations.
  • You'll be assigned a JailTalk Number (JTN).
  • Provide the JTN to your inmate and start receiving calls.

Inmates place all calls using the JTN, which is displayed as caller ID when your phone rings. When you answer the phone, you will hear the standard collect-call prompt from the jail or prison. Accept the collect call by pressing the number requested by the recording to accept the call. Your prepaid account will be debited for any connection fees or long-distance fees that might apply. You can receive collect calls on cell phones, landline phones, and Internet phone service (VOIP) like Skype using the regular JailTalk™ service.

When you need to, add money to your account using a credit card, debit card, money order or cash at any PayDayHawaii location. Or, call Customer Service at 247-7171 to add money using a credit card or debit card.

JailTalk™ currently provides services to friends and family of inmates serving in Hawaii jails. Connections are routed through our Honolulu office for quality calls. Reach a PayDayHawaii customer service representative 7 days a week.

Don't miss a call from a loved one-now you can answer that call anywhere and anytime.