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PayDayHawaii features Western Union® Money OrderSM payment instruments. When you need a reliable way to pay bills and make purchases, use Western Union® money orders. Make purchases, give a gift, pay bills or use them when cash and checks aren’t accepted. And best of all? Money orders are only 88 cents at PayDayHawaii!

Money orders: The convenience of a check, but without the need for a bank checking account. Why pay $12 a month or more for a checking account if you only write a few checks each month? And, a money order is much more secure than a check.

Let's say you need to send a payment. According to the payment instructions, checks are not accepted. A money order is the requested method of payment. At PayDayHawaii, it's not a problem - our money order service will come to your rescue!

  • Easy to cash at a bank or at PayDayHawaii locations
  • Easy to deposit
  • Always valid-money orders don't expire
  • Available in whatever amount you need
  • Widely accepted as a form of payment
  • Cashable in other countries
  • You'll get a receipt as part of your transaction
  • With your receipt, your money order is replaceable if damaged, lost, or stolen
  • The easiest way to put money on the books of family and friends who are inmates
  • A safe way to pay bills
  • A worry-free way to send funds through the mail

Getting your money order is convenient and stress-free at any of PayDayHawaii's locations throughout the islands.